I love researching and writing! It’s about exploring the way that people have created and shared their ideas and beliefs in the form of what we call rock art. The rock art itself is only the tangible remains of a bigger picture – and that’s what keeps me intrigued. All my research (so far!) has been on southern African rock art.

I am a National Research Foundation (NRF) rated researcher and an Honorary Research Fellow at the Rock Art Research Institute at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa.

My latest NRF rating for 2019-2024 is C2. That’s up from C3, my previous rating.





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In press

T. Forssman, M. Lotter, J. Parkington, J.C. Hollmann, J. Angel & W. Fourie. An introduction to the archaeology of the Polihali Dam area, Mokhotlong District, Lesotho.