A visit to the Maanberg

Maanberg 1 nested lines
Maanberg 2 nested lines enhanced

I was lucky enough to visit this strange hill called the Maanberg (Moon mountain) with archaeologist John Parkington from the University of Cape Town. The Maanberg is between Citrusdal and Clanwilliam in Western Cape Province. It’s very rocky, with little vegetation, so with a little imagination you can see that it looks a bit like the moon. We found this curious painting of nested lines in one shelter, and these two very small elephant paintings (about 80-100 mm long) in dark brown. They are not very well preserved but you can see that both of them are facing to the right. There is a little one at the right (you can see its trunk) and to the left are the remnants of a larger elephant (you can also see its trunk). It may be a mother and juvenile elephant, which is a common theme in the rock art of this area.

Maanberg 3 two elephant